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Hydraulic Valves

Hydraulic Valves - Hydraulic Directional ValvesHydraulic Directional Valves Hydraulic Valves - Proportional ValvesProportional Valves Hydraulic Valves - Servo ValvesServo Valves Hydraulic Valves - Sandwich ValvesSandwich Valves
Hydraulic Valves - Hydraulic Cartridge ValvesHydraulic Cartridge Valves Hydraulic Valves - Hydraulic Valve Solenoid Connectors & CablesHydraulic Valve Solenoid Connectors & Cables Hydraulic Valves - Flow Control & Check ValvesFlow Control & Check Valves Hydraulic Valves - High Pressure Ball ValvesHigh Pressure Ball Valves
Hydraulic Valves - Pressure Control ValvesPressure Control Valves    

Pneumatic Valves

Pneumatic Valves - Solenoid Actuated Pneumatic ValvesSolenoid Actuated Pneumatic Valves Pneumatic Valves - Manually Actuated Pneumatic ValvesManually Actuated Pneumatic Valves Pneumatic Valves - Mechanically Actuated Pneumatic Directional ValvesMechanically Actuated Pneumatic Directional Valves Pneumatic Valves - Pilot Operated Pneumatic Directional ValvesPilot Operated Pneumatic Directional Valves
Pneumatic Valves - Flow Control ValvesFlow Control Valves Pneumatic Valves - Check ValvesCheck Valves Pneumatic Valves - Quick Exhaust ValvesQuick Exhaust Valves Pneumatic Valves - Exhaust Port Metering & SilencersExhaust Port Metering & Silencers
Pneumatic Valves - Miniature Pneumatic ValvesMiniature Pneumatic Valves Pneumatic Valves - Proportional Pneumatic Valves (_I/P__E/P_)Proportional Pneumatic Valves (_I/P__E/P_)

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This specification briefly defines the main attributes of a portable helicopter refuelling system. The system is designed for open line refuelling of turbine powered rotary wing and small fixed wing aircraft at flow rates of up to 225 litres / minute using Jet fuel.

$40,000 $40,000
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